The Shimba Hills National Reserve, located in the Kwale District of Coast Province of Kenya in East Africa, is one of the last few remaining coastal rainforests in the world. The paradise of the Sable Antelope in Kenya (Hippo tragus niger rooseevelt).

The sounds of swaying trees, rustling animals and birds twittering welcome you to this robust ecosystem, endowed with diverse and unique species of flora and fauna, all of which create a rich and spectacular environment.

The Shimba Hills Forest Guides Association (SHIFOGA) is a community organization based in Kwale comprising of 19 local youths who have the passion to support the conservation of the eco-system and eco-tourism in the Shimba Hills National Reserve and surrounding area. Our group members are all professionally trained and experienced to guide you through the reserve and other surrounding tourists’ destinations in the South and North Coast. Also we offer a range of excursions that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Apart from offering tour services, the organization as well implements a variety of programs/projects that promotes the conservation of the Shimba Hills eco-system aimed at benefiting the local communities surrounding the forest. (Click SHIFOGA programs).


 “Experience the Shimba Hills with us”